In 2005 Schweitzer Reinhard GmbH - Austrian Food Company introduced a new product line called "Café Bio". Deriving from its brand name we position ourselves as specialist for coffee and coffee-based beverages. Our USP is clear: Café Bio stands for premium quality, organic and FAIRTRADE-certified ingredients and exclusive coffee experience.

Visit the company's website to receive further information regarding our business and work ethics. Furthermore, be sure to get to know our second brand Choco Bio, under which we market different kinds of chocolate drinks.

Let us quickly present the Café Bio range of products: the key player within our portfolio is the iced coffee filled in environment-friendly carton cans. The second product sold at retail and wholesale shops is instant coffee filled in plastic cans of 100 g. Additionally, we address the food service industry (Hotel, Restaurant & Catering) by offering vending coffee filled in bags of 250 g and instant coffee filled in convenient sachets of 1,8 g. Instant coffee is available in three different flavours: classic, intensive and decaffeinated.

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We'd like to inform you that we operate within the B2B sector only. If you're a retailer, distributor, importer, or working within the food service industry - contact us to receive a customized offer. Are you looking for a co-packer? We can offer our full range of products under your own brand.

In case you're a final customer and looking for information regarding the nature or quality of our products or simply want to know where to buy our beverages, we are happy to provide you any information needed. Contact us directly!